New Products

Sony has been churning out more new cameras and lenses than a dairy farmer pumps cream. And, some of their new releases are the cream of the crop in their category. The new full-frame A7R IV is currently the highest resolution full-frame camera on the market. It sports a 61-megapixel sensor with an impressive autofocus system capable of real-time tracking for both photography and video.

Sony is not only developing their advanced line-up, they are thinking about the mid-range too. The APS-C line has two new cameras, the A6600 and the A6100. Both also feature the impressive real time tracking autofocus system that we loved in the A6400, and a few upgrades over their predecessors in terms of ergonomics, handling and overall usability. The A6600 even has a bigger battery that adds 231% more battery life. They all still sport a trusty 24 megapixel sensor that have made the A6000 our top selling camera in The Camera Store’s history.


If you are good to go with a Sony camera already, they have thought of you too by introducing a plethora of lenses. On the full-frame side, they’ve designed a compact, sharp 35mm F2.8 FE lens that we love for travel, portraits and street photography. We also love the price at only $799. For the mid-range APS-C cameras, they’ve finally introduced two 2 very attractive focal lengths including an image stabilized Sony E 70-350mm and Sony E 16-55mm.